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Beat the Buzz & Ditch Toxic Spray: Indu Aromatherapy's Natural Bug Repellent Sale!

It's that time of year again: sunshine, barbecues, and... pesky bugs! But this Fourth of July, ditch the toxic sprays and embrace a calmer, more natural approach with Indu Aromatherapy's incredible natural bug repellent lotion.

natural bug repellent

Why Choose Natural?

Chemical-laden bug repellents are effective, but they often come with a price. Harsh chemicals can irritate skin, raise health concerns, and leave an unpleasant residue.  This Independence Day, celebrate freedom from both bugs and harsh chemicals!

Introducing Indu's Natural Bug Repellent Lotion

Infused with powerful, yet gentle, plant-based ingredients, Indu lotion repels mosquitoes and other insects while leaving your skin feeling soft and healthy. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of aromatherapy! Breathe in calming essential oils like lavender and citronella, creating a tranquil atmosphere that keeps you relaxed even amidst the summer buzz.

Exclusive Fourth of July Sale! Use Code "JULY4"

From July 1st through 14th only, celebrate with our incredible Fourth of July Sale:

  • 10% off ALL natural bug repellent lotion - Stock up for the entire season and keep the bugs at bay!

  • Free Shipping - Save extra and have your natural defense delivered straight to your door!

  • Surprise Bonus Gift - Every order gets a special treat – a delightful way to enhance your aromatherapy experience (contents a mystery!).

This is the perfect opportunity to ditch the DEET and embrace a natural solution that's both effective and gentle.



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