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Unroll the Perfection: Find the Best Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner for Your Manduka (and You!)

Ah, the satisfaction of a perfect downward-facing dog. But wait, a lingering scent of yesterday's workout disrupts your zen. Fear not, yogis! Especially those who own beloved Manduka mats – we've got the ultimate guide to finding the best natural yoga mat cleaner.

manduka yoga mat cleaner indu aromatherapy

Why Natural and Organic Matters

Traditional yoga mat cleaners can be harsh, filled with chemicals that irritate skin and damage your precious mat (especially Mandukas!).  Here at Indu Aromatherapy, a proud women-owned business, we believe in harnessing nature's power for a clean and healthy practice.

Our natural yoga mat cleaners are:

  • Free of harsh chemicals: No worries about irritating your skin or lungs.

  • Made with plant-based ingredients: Gentle on your mat and the environment.

  • Effective against odor-causing bacteria: Keeps your mat smelling fresh, naturally.

Bonus: Repel Those Pesky Bugs (Naturally!)

Let's face it, sharing your yoga space with unwanted insects isn't exactly zen.  Our unique natural formula goes beyond cleaning, offering a bug-repellent effect – perfect for outdoor yoga sessions or studios prone to those tiny, unwelcome guests.

Indulge Your Senses with Indu's Aromatherapy Blends Our natural yoga mat cleaners combine uplifting and calming essential oil blends like lavender, lemongrass, and peppermint. Not only will your mat be clean, but you'll be greeted by a delightful aroma that enhances your practice.

Love Your Manduka, Love the Planet with Indu Aromatherapy Give your Manduka mat the love it deserves with a natural yoga mat cleaner from Indu Aromatherapy.  Made with organic ingredients, our effective and gentle formula keeps your mat fresh, clean, and bug-free – all while being kind to your skin and the planet.

Ready to Unroll a More Natural Yoga Experience? Browse our selection of natural yoga mat cleaners at Indu Aromatherapy and discover the perfect option for you and your Manduka mat. Remember, with Indu, you're supporting a small, women-owned business that prioritizes natural ingredients and a clean practice for all! Travel-Sized Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner: Need a refresh after that hot yoga class, but don't want to lug a big bottle? Our 2oz Indu Aromatherapy Yoga Mat Cleaner is perfect for on-the-go cleaning and fits easily in your gym bag.

  • Home Yoga Mat Cleaner: For deeper cleaning at home, our 4oz Indu Aromatherapy Yoga Mat Cleaner tackles sweat, dirt, and odors while leaving your Manduka mat smelling amazing.



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