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Lye (NaOH), Water, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Indu Synergy Oil, Mica Power (muscovite)


Indu Olive & Coconut Oil Bar Soap

  • Every time I use this soap, my body smiles.
    It’s so soft, healing and luxurious. Every inch of skin on your body will be happy after using it. Enjoy it as a hand soap, face soap or all over body soap.

    Get ready to be surprised with our new and improved BIGGER BAR of Indu Coconut & Olive Oil soap.

    Depending on which beautiful being is blending the blissful batch, your soap may look solid or swirly, a little more or less blue, just for you!

    Either way, the olive & coconut soap is a healing elixir that will keep your skin singing!


    Always 100% Natural & Vegan.

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